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Hello & Welcome! You visited the site of clairvoyant, and psychic medium based in Toronto Nikola Alexandar.

If you REALLY want to know what awaits you in the future, if you want to receive the information you need, if you want to completely change your life, I am ready to help you.
My name is Nikola Alexandar, I am a very strong clairvoyant, fortuneteller and Psychic-Medium. I very clearly see the FATE of my visitor – I see what problems may happen in the future, which exist now, and how to neutralize them all. I can help you with issues such as:

• love without reciprocity, conflicts with loved ones
• finances, debts
• weak energy, bad karma and karmic debts
• difficulty in making decisions, lack of understanding of what to do
• failures and disappointments in work or business
• deterioration of health, causeless depression, fears
• misunderstanding between parents and children, relatives

I have been practising professionally for many years, and I am considered one of the best clairvoyants, fortune tellers and psychics. The power of my Gift Thanks to the power of my Gift and professional experience, I can help you find out ALL key points with which you can attract love, health, money and good luck into your life, as well as avoid dangers and problems that await you. I open very powerful money channels, cleanse the aura and energy from negativity, attract success in all spheres of life, improve relations with ANY people. Contacting me for help: • you will know your future, get answers to any questions;
Receive Answers
I am ready to download answers and information for you

If you want answers for your family, know about the well-being of yourself and your own children.
Help from a distance

You need to make a serious choice: you have to change your job, move to another city, get married. You may need magical help.

Love spell-lapel

You have a negative generational program: damage, curse. You know that there is always someone more in your family on the female or male side; your relatives die under uncertain circumstances.

Evil eye/damage

There has been a series of failures in life. You suspect that you have been jinxed or damaged.


Do you want to know what awaits you next? A fortune teller will be able to lift the veil of your future, suggest the right path of development, and warn against possible problems.

Love magic

You suffer from loneliness, you cannot attract the right person into your life, you suspect that you have the crown of celibacy.

Business Readings

The business does not break down, even with great efforts it is not possible to earn the desired amount of money.

Removal of Dark Energy

If you feel that your vitality has left you, your family has suddenly turned away, friends have stopped communicating, relationships in your work team have deteriorated

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Why is it worth contacting me?
The advantages
I have some gifts and practice of how to use them. I would like to share them with you.

I provide effective magical assistance in any difficult situations

Extensive experience and many years of practice. More than 50 time-tested methods are used in practice.

You receive answers to your questions almost immediately.

Help in the most hopeless situations without harm or sin!

Leave a request and I will call you back.




I will make an appointment for you at any convenient time.




You come to the reception. We conduct a consultation and find out the reason. The first consultation is 60$



I identify the essence of the problem, why it arose on your karmic path, and I propose how to solve it.



You are starting a new life! Thanks to my extensive work experience, I guarantee a good result.

I work officially throughout Ontario

Nikola Alexandar

No one should have power over another human being

Do you have any questions? I am here to help.

Don't put off solving the problem until later - write to me. I will definitely help you.

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+1 (647) 313-9618
Unless I am in a reading I will answer :)
Toronto, Canada
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